Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 26, 2019

My Friend~by Tom Story



My Friend

Come my sweet. Lay down in your bed

Let feelings of joy ripen thoughts in your head

As darkness ascends with its crestfallen moon

Let dreams wash your mind, as your brain starts to strewn

As your damaged wings break, and your angels all fall,

Sleep softly my friend and let peace come to all

As you drift into slumber, let warbling birds

Sing sweet lullabies while you fall to my words

Let misty waves wash over calm tranquil seas

Be still, hear the leaves, as they float in the breeze

Dream softly my friend for the swollen sun falls

And the faunae will stop upon waiting your call

The sombre sky writes into plump fluffy clouds

‘I love you my friend’, and I’m ever so proud

And as you sleep softly, my mind breaks out a roar

Who’s to blame for this heartbreak let us even the score

I’ll rip out Earth’s heart and add fuel to the fire

Let earthquakes all shatter release volcanoes desire

Let the waves become giants and let the Mountains all fall

As the world breaks around me only I will walk tall

And as the world shudders and then falls upon its shame

I’ll whisper so softly, ‘it is you, who’s to blame.’

While the red mist arises like the veil over light

I see you so clearly, I see all that is right

If I were a King I would spend all of my gold

To spend one last waking day to do all that you told

Please stay here my dear, please stay just one more day

Let me take it all for you, make the pain all go away

But as the dawn breaks and my tears start to dry

There’s one final thing, uttered words I will try

As the world brakes to stop I just want you to know

I love you. I love you. I love you. Let go

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  1. Beautiful, but sad, poem. xx

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