Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 26, 2019

SHE’S MADLY IN LOVE~by Nalini Starr




She loves him
She hates him
Her heart is breaking 
She is confused
Thinks she’s being used
And he was just
Playing with her heart
Now he wants to
Stay apart
She’s begging him to stay
Not to go away
Common sense
She has no more
She kicked it
Out the door
Her heart and her mind
In a big fight
Her mind is telling her
She could be right
But she listens to her mind no more
She chooses to ignore
She is following her heart instead
And ignoring the truth in her head
So much in denial is she
Love is sending her crazy
She loves him ,she loves him not
She hates him, she hates him not
She is in a tight spot
But she is too blind to see
That this love can never be
If he wants to leave
She should set him free
He is world’s apart
And she knows that
And together they cannot be
Silly silly girl, in love madly
Missing him every day
When he’s not online
Losing her mind
Making herself insane
Tears falling like rain
For a love which is in vain
Stop hurting yourself my dear
And find another who is near
One you can see and touch
And you won’t miss the other so much
Stop being a silly fool
And begging him to stay
If he’s being so cruel
Just let him go on his way
Let this online romance end
And find another friend.


  1. great words, love is Spirit, it keeps moving, it doesn’t mean she isn’t loved though, that’s the feeling you have in your heart, and when you know it’s real, same as the reality of the true Loving God, isn’t that the master piece we are all seeking, and maybe a smile, happy days

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