Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 27, 2019

“A Realm of Shattered Time” ~by Michael Graves



“A Realm of Shattered Time”
(To Leonard Cohen — on hearing of his passing)

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I remember when you first sang
to me, of Suzanne and of the river.
I heard your voice crawl forth, like some
massive tree, growing from
the bottom of a deep, hollow well
searching for water.

You bid farewell to Marianne
sang Hallelujah in the darkened
night. And promised in poetic verse
that I’d be hearing from you
long after you’re gone. Long
after the river widened, beyond
the point of passing.

You walked the narrow edge of heights;
the long-game in which
the words are not complete
until they’re done. Though crafting
carries on for years.

You were there before us. And you
will be, long after we’re gone.
A light in the darkness. Icon against
which to measure the critical
balance of content in terms
of discontent, albeit with a perfection, which
nonetheless creaks with the strain of being

And now. although they say you’re gone
if I listen carefully in the empty night
I can hear you coughing
a hundred floors above me
in the Tower of Song.

– Graves 3/26/18

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