Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 29, 2019

I know your name ~by Nalini Starr


I know your name

I know your name
But is it the right one
I am not so sure
I could be wrong
Deep in my gut
I feel a tingling
Something is telling me
That’s not your real name

Your face I ‘ve never seen
What you look like
I do not know
You are so secretive
Your face you don’t want to show
I asked you why
But you wouldn’t tell
So how can I know you very well

You’ve seen my face
And my whole body
And you liked
What you did see
And liked chatting with me
You told me so many things about you
But how can I believe
If they are true
I used to believe
Every word you said
Now I think
You were messing with my head

Over and over I asked for a photo
But instead you decided to go
We become quite friendly
And feelings started to grow
But your face
You never did show
Did you think you were not good enough for me
And you were too ugly
Maybe you were not handsome enough
And you thought I would be put off
You did not give me a chance
To judge for myself
You just thought I wouldn’t like you
Now you would never know
Maybe I would have liked you too.
Or maybe you were a fake all along
And i made a mistake thinking you were the right one.

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