Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 30, 2019

Life’s Carousel~by Annie Johnson



Life’s Carousel

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I imagined you once eons ago
When I was a blushing young girl.
Tender were the daydreams
Befitting the night and dew
And the wonder of the stars overhead
Covering me like a garden party awning.
There is a beauty in remembering
The agile strength of a golden legged girl;
The sudden shower of emotional tears
When life was often too beautiful to bear.
Time was like fragile soap bubbles
Carried high on the breeze of summer.
You were part of me, even then;
A form taking shape in my mind
That I could not put features on
In all my yearnings to know the future.
That was eons ago and time carried forward
The wild emotions and headstrong will
Of the woman I was destined to become.
I sit alone in the twilight with my Tabby Cat.
My yearnings are the same now as when…
I had not heard your melodic voice;
Looked deeply into your soul-deep eyes;
Memorized the outlines of your beloved face,
Or tasted the eons of time waiting on your lips.

Annie Johnson©

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