Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 30, 2019

Spoilt Screaming Brats~by Patrick Kevin O’Shea



Spoilt Screaming Brats

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We are the people
And we have had our say
We voted a majority 
To leave come what may
You gave us the referendum.
Legal document bespoke
To leave without Quibble
Article 50 to INVOKE!🙏

BUT! we are your leaders 👼
With pin striped suites and ties
Escalating our posh egos
Screaming out ‘PORKY PIES’!
Rip up our old mandates
That we promised to pledge
Then ignore all the people
Democracy NOW! DEAD!!!👽
Public humiliation
The World scoffing with glee
Squabbling forever
On muppet show TV
Acting like children
Wild childish spits n spats🤕
Calling each other names
Like spoilt screaming BRATS!
Ignoring the referendum
Whilst touting for out
Voting for everything
But agreeing for NOWT!
Jockey-ing for position
For our personal needs
Lining our own pockets
For green coinage GREED!🤑

Delusions of grandeur
Upon your high horse
Whipping each other daily
Such arrogance!, of course!
Calling 17.4 million people
Unintelligent and THICK!
Retaliation on the horizon
Waving new electoral sticks
The will of the people
You have hung out to dry
You’ve commited high treason
So Lets ‘Hang you all… High’…😮

Poetry by
Patrick Kevin O’Shea

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