Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 31, 2019





He only loves you with half a heart
The other half belongs to another
Do you know that ?
And he believes you love him
With half a heart too
The other half belongs to the other
Is that true?
He cannot forget his past lover
It’s hard for him to do
And he believes you still love the other
You still love him too
And you both cannot forget the past
So you love each other with half hearts
So how can a love like this last
When you cannot declare
Your love for each other completely
When the other half of your heart
Belongs to somebody
So this half hearted love
Is only half true
Although he says he loves you
And you say you love him too.
You cannot say to each other
“I love you with all my heart ”
Because that is not true
Your hearts are torn apart.


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