Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 31, 2019

RIVULET OF EMOTIONS~by Lopamudra Mishra




I was 
A different person of history
.. Just listen to my hearts query

Living within the curvature
of my chemistry
.. I have seen thy cravings and overtures posing as a true mystery

The world to me was rosy
.. My curls will turn you crazy

Dreams of mine were to laugh in cozy
..I scream often when I am frazy

My words use to reside in my world
.. I can afford to lie beside your fold

With no melody in air
.. See my rhapsody bare

Or sound of thunder ,
Chirping birds wonder
.. My endearing heart, tears asunder

Neither the oceanic blunder to flare
..Whither thy passion, where’s thy action of plundering in your stare?

A world of silence..
.. My fold has resilience

My ideas were sunk in an unknown ambience.
.. As I came close to melancholia,
towards known monk I advanced

The day I met you..
World bloomed with chapters new
.. That day I let you presume blithely with your raptures and hue

Emotions once forgotten surged with fresh dew
.. Lessons begotten urged with your tresses view

Words started singing
.. Hearts like swords started flying

Alphabets begin dancing
… Like Prophets, you regain joy and start prancing

Lines commence on running and hopping
.. Align your countenance with mine, why still groping?

Ignoring the hurdles
.. Bring rigmarole of our love to a puddle

Less caring for brittle
.. Through glass staring little, you are

To merge with
the parable
..Let my yearnings for thy love surge till it touches the sky
Why to any one, make it comparable?!!

Lopamudra Mishra

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