Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 1, 2019

INTO THE HOLY LANDS~by Young Francis




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We shall praise the THRONE
Which reigns our eternal home
We shall overcome this sickness
Into the holy lands with greatness

Look! there in the silent hills
There! we shall show Him our will
Come closer brothers of grace
To these blessed lands of day

What shall we incorporate our hearts?
Other than the precious love we share
We can no longer for see evil
Which once enslaves our will

Into the holy lands is all joy
No sees of guilt or sin employ
We’re the children of His grace
So peace in the heavens today

We have seen how far we come
Through the darkened days of time
Here are we, repented souls
So renewed of positive goals

We shall praise His throne today
Blissful like to moon’s full face
Today,brothers, we hold no guilt
For having been blessed at will.

Copyright Young Francis
(Blessed talents)
Stay focused!!.

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