Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 1, 2019

SPELL OF FREEDOM~by Annie Johnson




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Spinning out of time shedding cosmic dust
Light into morning my soul is thrust
Bracing the dawn and racing the night
Shaking off the last of its earthly flight
In its fragile bid for freedom fluttering
Wings unfurled and muttering
Bumping into stars and whirling away
Chased through endless corridors of day
Losing the last of its earthly chains
Day of delight the night disdains
Gamboling thru heaven like a child at play
Tumbling and skipping and laughing with glee
Drunken and giddy and so glad to be free.
Do not rein in this fearless exuberance
Let it break its bonds in one last chance
In a totally joyful soul crashing dance
Before darkness overtakes the path of light
And tosses it back into the cosmic net of night
Dizzily spinning-
A truant soul exhausted from flight!

Annie Johnson©

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