Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 1, 2019

‘’Weeping Cherry Blossom ‘’~by Nutan Sarawagi

Inspired by the artist and poet Akemi Amanogawa Ichi ‘s beautiful Artwork , ‘’Weeping Cherry Blossom ‘’

~ In the words of Akemi

‘’Weeping Cherry Blossom ‘’

No photo description available.

the flowers and trees look up at heaven 
missing it’s memories
turning to light in its love
but the cherry blossom falls to the ground weeping
because it loves the earth
as we turn to the rose
it blooms in us even against the light
because of the power we have in us …

together intertwined we become the infinite in us

~ In my words
Inspired by Akemi

In everything is a bit of life interconnected
as we lie
in each something beyond itself
humans greater than any being itself
compassion lives in us the most
but yet we bring worry hate utmost

love yourself the most don’t fight this duality of life
live innermost for when you see love in each one of us
intertwined that lives in us
connected to be that one that whole
to see the way in us
to be that love within us
that sees us in us
as the light that turns in love lighting in love
the plant that turns to it with us
as the cherry blossom falls to the ground on earth
to become the way in us
it says love us
it loves us

Painting and Artwork by Akemi

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