Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 2, 2019

A Beautiful Day (Lucky)~by Nathan Antoine



A Beautiful Day (Lucky)

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Luck decided to talk to me
I got a beautiful day at the beach
So, I knew I was lucky

I felt every ray of sunshine
On mine
My beautiful skin
And so
From deep within
I knew
I was lucky

In a space
Where strangers
Are not a danger
Because they feel
Exactly like me
Checking out of the real world
And heading out to sea

But only when they’re lucky
Which is a rarity

And so
No orange vibes
Or skis of gray
I have not a care in the world
Because everyone within eyes distance
Is just bathing in
A beautiful day.

Nathan Antoine ©
The Reach
All Copyrights Reserved
Photo Credit: Google

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