Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 2, 2019

MOON-THE EYEWITNESS~by Lopamudra Mishra




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I wander in terrace to watch the night sky,
.. Yonder bright moon eclipses twinkling stars, impressing my eyes

The silent Moon is changing its tincture,
.. Quaintly, Moon may soon avenge its misfortune, seeing our love adventure

Playing smoothly among the dark clouds,
.. I throng to my Ruth,
With longings and sparks of emotions, to her, I shroud

Refashioning its tint in every second,
.. Refreshing thoughts mine sprint to thee,
with reasons to bond

In every direction,
.. As surely as Jesus’ resurrection

I wonder about the modification,
.. Surrender to Him, dear, think of after-life soul- ramifications

We exchange our words through ,
..You have changed into a wading bird with reddish purple hue

The cool flash ,through the sparking stars,
.. Splashing liquid love,
I drool on thee, my harking bird!

Making me thoughtful ,so I start,
.. Fraught with vexing riddles, my coolness boils and heart not alert

Romancing with the dark space,
.. Advancing into silhouette of your ink-black tresses

The carpet of white flash brightened my memory,
.. Under the parapet, I glance at your heightened life story

Reminding me about the laughter and pleasure,
..After your kindness to me, sprouts my real life’s treasure

We share under the dim heaven,
..Look at my tender and slim figure, your spirit will be enlivened

Moon then would often shy,
.. When it swoons, it will soften its clutch, letting out a love cry

Then hide among the blue clouds,
.. Riding along the wave of amour, it will slowly start feeling proud

Now I search those hours of bask
.. Closing in power of my hunches sixth sense, I ask

In the companion of glimmering stars,
… My emancipation to wisdom comes like shimmering attires

Moon is the eye witness of each stage,
.. A witty player, you shyly screech to prove your craze

So I open my cage in front of her rays,
.. Her rays have burnt the myth,
I reopened our chapter of sharing life stage

I count time ,thinking you in my rhyme,
.. Be my life time countess, why blinking, let’s have a nice time!

Again when to meet as two divine lives.
.. We will keep meeting time and again, since our hearts will continue pining for our love to thrive!!

Lopamudra Mishra

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