Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 2, 2019

” THE STRINGS OF MY HEART “~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” THE STRINGS OF MY HEART ” by martin gedge

Captured by the beauty in the frame you hold so well

pictures in my memory of the love you live to tell

for only you can hold on to the strings of my guitar

like pulling out the notes of every verse and every bar

soft upon my lips is from the music and the words

that mean of every light of you of songs still left unheard

I stand beneath your window and I could sing to you the moon

and watch the stars around your eyes flourish and balloon

fire in the twilight on the streets of evening posts

shifting feet across the sands against the ivory coast

whistle in the warmth of air in sweet of melody

dance into the arms of love like waves upon the sea

and in a glimpse you see me in this vagabond affair

a hustler on a painted wall with more then life to share

to toss into a wishing well the fountains of my youth

and plant upon my open cheek a single kissing booth

for in this soul I give of what beholds the candle light

in able for my foolish heart to play for you each night….

by martin gedge©

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