Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 3, 2019

Rebirth~by Kati Arana Coello




I lived in broken dreams
Roamed in low self-esteem
I thought that love was only for him
And became his everything.

But the bubble burst one day
And I simply walked away
I knew that I did the right thing
Still deep inside I blamed myself.

God knows how much I prayed
For guidance from all of my pain
I had everything I desired
And still I felt drain and very ashamed.

I decided to write about my pain
And many understood my words
And for some my vulnerability turned on a flame
But that wasn’t ever my intention
I just needed a release from the man
that I thought I once loved.

That’s when God revealed my truth to me
You feel pain because you love too much
It’s hard to separate yourself because you
Nurture too much
You give your whole heart openly to everyone else.

Now you must learn to love yourself:
To please your heart
To keep educating your mind
To learn to live a healthy lifestyle
To love your skin with every flaw
To know you are worthy
To understand that your love for yourself will always be enough.

Thank you merciful god
For not giving up on me
Thank you for everything
Without you I would have
Never seen the light.

Copyright @KatiAranaCoello 💕

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