Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 3, 2019

“THREE QUESTIONS”~by Chandan Bhattacharya




Chandan Bhattacharya.

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I meet a little nice girl
Sayanti ,Sayanti Mondal
Her name,she says.
She’s so beautiful
That I gaze her
From near
Not far away.
I’ve roamed many villages
Many cities, mountains
And plains,
But never see
Such amazing girl
Who always asks
Three questions.
Alone she dances
Sings and plays
And each moment
When I meet her
She asks three questions.
Why fruit fall down
From the trees
To the Earth?
Why not the moon
Fall down
Very soon?
Which of these two
Come first
To the Earth
Either egg
Or the bird.
Obviously I have
No answer.
Then I politely
Gone to her
And asked her
With a glance
What class
Do you read in
My little maid
And quickly
She answers
‘O’ master
I’m in seven.
Then I ask her
About her position
Smartly she replies
I’m the first
I’m the second
And I’m the the third myself.

Chandan Dhadika’ WB’ INDIA…..01/4/19

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