Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 4, 2019

“LOVE TESTIMONY”~by Apost Johanes Lobe




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Many can’t really comprehend the force behind love,
It’s a wonderful feeling disigned by God above,
In you content sorrows,hurts,pains,tears and still yet you stand,
You can turn a strong man to a boy and a nice woman to a baby girl deep down theirs minds.

No one can find your resident,
Your duelling is everywhere in all continent,
You change the hard to soft,
You transforms the dark to white.

You are crazy in nature but quite gentle,
You appreciates and care for the interest of the little,
Beside the rose nothing else matter,
Shout with loud voice am in the arms of love see you later.

In centuries long gone no one could be able to pick out the secrets of your name,
Cause you are two in one and all in one creating beautiful fame.
When I think of you sweet lovely tears of joy drops down inside,
I have a little testimony for the nice gift you gave me to be beside.

I thought I was complete and sound,
I never knew I needed a rose around,
If not of you,I wouldn’t know what true love really meant,
I would have never feel this inner peace,I couldn’t be content.

If not for you I won’t have had the pleasure of romance,
I would have miss the bliss, the craziness of love sweet silly dance,
I have to feel your tender touch slowly,
And listen to the sound of your beautiful voice gently.

Million words can’t describe this love so rare,
I don’t mind crossing the sea just to care,
Beautiful woman with a peaceful heart so passionate,
You have captured my attention like magnate.

This feeling is a reality,
It can’t be fake with such an inner dignity,
I call you my sweet love and my second Holy Spirit,
Base on logistics and theology the Holy Spirit is known as the Helper and God Called you in the beginning my Helper till entenity,
I will always defend this feeling and love testimony.

Written by Apostle Johanes Lobe
02/04/2019 Edition
Facebook page/Lyric general

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