Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 5, 2019

COLD FIRE~by Madibo LU Aau




Imagine A Dragon Exhaling Ice, Or Better Yet Let’s Be
Real For A Minute, Remember That Tree That Moses
Saw Caught Fire But It Was Not Burning, Those Ain’t
Miracles, People Those Are Wonders, In The Wild A

Rhinoceros Is Like A Fire Extinguisher Hi Running Crazy
On Page Like Wild Fire, If Your Hope Got You The Best
Don’t Forget To Prepare For The Worst, If You Are Hired
Be Ready To Be Fired, On A Race Track They’d Be Like

On Your Mark, Get Set & Fire, When The Gun Goes Shot
Booker There Will Be Fire In The Hole, The Aftermath
Will Be Smoke, Remember, Where There Is Smoke There
Is Fire, That’s Life, They Say Revenge Is A Dish Best Served

Cold, Do You Know The Story Of A Legendary Bird, It Is Said
That It Rose From The Ashes, That’s Cold, Ey, Want Me To Put
It In Pen Themes, Poetryville Cold Like North Pole, Hi As My Slade
My Writes As Gifts To Those Who Believes In It, It’s, Its Majestic

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