Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 5, 2019

” KEEP ME IN YOUR SIGHT “~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” KEEP ME IN YOUR SIGHT ” by martin gedge

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Not to let go but rather glow

in the chambers of your heart

a promise peace to have a lease

in comfort and in part

of warm desire and burning fire

that memories a smile

for though I’m gone I still belong

to you all this while

the better half to make you laugh

the tears to drain your eyes

the color blue and looks of you

as cool as butterflies

that float around in feather gown

on angel wings of love

that be so blessed to your address

in heavens up above

for in the arms of all your charms

I’m nestled in so tight

the snug of bed that rests your head

and keeps me in your sight

you never knew my love for you

and what it meant to be

but always know that from the soul

you were everything to me…

by martin gedge©

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