Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 5, 2019

Knowing America through Poetry~WASHINGTON~by rldubour

Friday!! winding down on our journey across America! (in alpha order) our next great state to visit is:


Knowing America through Poetry


Image result for welcome sign WASHINGTON

The residents are called “Washingtonians”
And the nickname is “The Evergreen State.”
The only state named after a President
An honor that is truly great.

The official tree is the western hemlock
The insect is the green darner dragonfly.
The flower is the rhododendron
And the motto is “Alki” (Bye and bye).

Petrified wood is the state gem
The state fish is the steelhead trout.
And the official dance is the square dance
Where they round the circle and twirl about.

In 1855 the Native Indians refused to sign
A treaty that led to a three year battle.
And Starbucks the world’s biggest
Coffee chain was founded in Seattle.

In Zillah is the oldest operating
Gas station in America.
And before it became a state, the
Territory was called Columbia.

At Evergreen Point is the longest
Floating bridge in the world to date.
And Medina is the home of the nation’s
Wealthiest man Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

Washington produces more apples
Than any other state in the union.
And on May 18, 1980 Mount Saint Helens
Caused 57 deaths with its eruption.

The world’s first machine to make
Soft-serve ice cream was found only in Olympia.
In 1805 to 06 Lewis and Clark explored
The river they named Columbia.

Boeing is the largest aircraft maker in the
World providing jobs and economic strength.
And in Seattle it is illegal to carry a concealed
Weapon that is over six feet in length!

Bob Baker, Hilary Swank and Kenny Loggins
These are a few famous names I see.
Jimi Hendrix, Adam West and Bing Crosby
Cobain, Couples and Francis Scobee.
Statehood, November 11, 1889 the 42nd State
Capital is Olympia




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