Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 5, 2019

Un poema de Amor~by Kati Arana Coello



Un poema de Amor….♥️

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-You are a heart shaped diamond
Hidden deep in the sand of the
bottom of the sea….(Love)

-Everyone seeks you
They want to have you
Because your beauty is very rare
And your shine is impeccable
Because your light reflects the purity of love
And it’s such an bewildering sight and feeling
That mere words cannot suffice the experience.

-I am a mermaid who wanders freely in the sea
And one day you saw me and liked my smile
So you opened up a little and gave me a very small glimpse of your immense beauty.

-You mirrored my soul and I proudly adorned you near my heart.

-I felt so elated and I was spellbound
But also confused and very overwhelmed
Your light scared me.. scares me
Because it was too honest
I didn’t understand or know how to handle it
And in my perplexed state.. I dropped you
I tried to let you go slowly
So you wouldn’t get hurt
Or damage any of your beautiful edges
And with tears falling from my eyes
I watched you sink back into the sand…

-You never belonged to me
And I never belonged to you
We are just two beautiful entities
Who are searching for a place in time
Where we can be free, valued and loved.

-And I hope you know
That I know your reading this…
And I smile because you are my twin heart
We are twin spirits with different paths
That roam free in a world
Where everything seems to want to be caged.

Copyright @KatiAranaCoello 💕

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