Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 6, 2019

MY WAYWARD PEN~by Nalini Starr




My pen is going crazy
It wants to spew
Words for you to see
Directed at you
It has control of me
Words which I don’t
Want to show
But my pen
Wants you to know
My brain can’t even control
This wayward pen
It has a mind of his own
I should try to control it
I know i should
But will it do any good?
I don’t think so
This pen just wants
The words to flow
Hurtful words
It wants to impart
Words that will
Tear at your heart
And will mess with your mind
Words that are
So cruel and unkind
Like a knife to your heart
My pen will go
It will even make
Blood flow
Cutting so deep
Twisting and turning
Words to keep on hurting
This pen will show no mercy
Every swear words
You will see
And you’ll think
This pen
Is as crazy like me.


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