Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 8, 2019

With my words~by Benedixio Moore Khoti

Genre — Poetry
Poet — Benedixio Moore Khoti
Title — With my words
Inked — VII. IV. MXIX.

With my words

Image may contain: one or more people, tree and outdoor

With the gleaming blade
Of my sword
I shall cut beneath
The flesh of your skin
And sneak deep within
Moments of bliss
Where humming birds will kiss
My ears with melodious hymns
Where the colourful butterflies
Will dance and mesmerise my eyes
With spectacular splendours of beauty.

With my heart will I search
For that place in You
Where contagious euphoria
Will gently slap my soul to fall
Unto the tender palms of utopia
That quenches the unquenchable thirst of love,
A haven of peace
Where mighty mountains shall bow
To kiss the seas and hug their shores.

I shall find rest
In You and weave
A clandestine love nest
Where feelings tender will bloom
And early morn
Will come glistening with fluorescent moon dust
To set my heart afire with lust
And where the dark night will wear
The sweetest elixir of air mint-
All fragrant in myrrh and aloes,
Where dayglow will glow
With beauteous crimson colours.

A place
Where the stars will gossip with mars
When the sun and moon
Gives credence to our love.





  1. This poem was stunning.
    A beautiful composition about romanceand love ..tastefully done..eloquent in every way..
    The poet brings art of romance and love to a beautiful dimension..his poetry never disappoints the reader..
    Twish him continued success..
    Hoping to see his work in
    Book form someday..
    Lucille A LaRoche

    • Thank you for notifying me..
      I read a few more of his poems today.
      They are excellent and always deliver a message..his his poetic skills captivate his audience as his diversity in composing which makes him attractive to a reader.


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