Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 9, 2019

“A COMPLETE DREAM”~by Apost Johanes Lobe




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How could anyone ever know,
The sweet dreams I dreamt as a young youth,
Could blossom actualize and grow up as truth,
I had it in mind with much thoughts that it was so slow.

A truth filled with blessings and wonder,
A truth filled with happiness so loving,
A truth filled with a gentle nice voice loud as thunder,
A truth filled with message worth sharing.

In my most recent imaginations I thought love was just a word,
I never knew is quick,kind,loving and sharper than two-edged sword,
It goes beyond just touching the inner soul and mind,
Cause in the center of faults, mistakes love is blind.

Behold the sweet dream, a nice looking beautiful fair Queen,
Walked towards me with red eyes like flaming fire, dressed in pinky blue clearly seen,
In a green garden full of lovely flowers,
Her huge touch me so passionately deep down my inner soul like a cat under a cool shawer.

I felt like building my kingdom around the circumference of her arms,
Staying there is my most greatest wish, hold and treat her like a new born baby,
Looking deep inside those eyes so rare gives me much inspiration to do more classic love Psalms,
In a world of players ,liars ,I pictured a nice dignified lady.

How nice it is the illusion has turned into reality,
Standing there for you is my first greatest priority,
For my love for you is beautiful,
I promise,God be my helper to fight and stand up ever to be faithful.

My thoughts of you are like raindrops on flower,
My thoughts of you are like rainbow at a splashing waterfall in a gentle summer,
My thoughts of you are like a full moon shinning through a cloudy night sky,
For no matter the wonders my eyes have seen,nothing compares to the beauty I see when I look at you so no regrets no cry.

I never gave up on my dreaming,
I persists cause I knew a wait for true love is worth waiting,
Love you have filled all my dreams of life I thought never could be,
Thanks for your care now my sweet dreams daily is what I see,


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