Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 9, 2019

A TRICK IS RICH~by Young Francis



(our selfish motives)

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Any day is a new day
Filled with hope and hope as seen
I stumbled on a coin to pay
Willed by a TRICK of flowing stream
A trick like a stream so rich in men

When the lovely days did flow
With you,I thought as much as knew
This mass percentage of our growth
Is a daily trick which comes anew
A trick coming anew so rich in men

Though its grace that bears the day
And rich in its time so rich in us
The priority is less percentage of our faith
Why so?it much explores our earthly lust
This lust of trick we play is so rich in men

Whether bad or good may seem the day
The topmost priority is our selfish trick
And will we even listen to the Father’s grace
Which is the grand fulfilment of our lives
Yet this trick of life we play is so rich in men

Earthly mansions we never cease to build
Why because we know our trick is rich
Which quickly turns us away from a labourer’s field
So much is that life killing us and cheap
And a trick so cheap is so rich in men.

Copyright Young Francis
stay blessed!!.

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