Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 10, 2019

Delightful Faces~by Dr. Nanda Parkash Aas



💐Delightful Faces💐

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing
Eyes love to see the beautiful delightful faces
Love to dance with dancing Peacock’s colourful wings.
Soothing our all paining torturous nerves,
Overpower my stressful negative life’s attitude
Towards the unpleasant scenes of mystic life
Boiling storms of exciting dreamy passions
Breaking the idealistic myths of socialistic realms
Roaming high the clouds of earthly realities
Raining in the thirsty deserts yet,still alive,
I’m trying to hide the scars of furious time
In the smiling amorous styles of bumbling cheeks,
Healing all earthly life’s torturous wounds
Bodily touch of mystical relishing rosy lips
I enjoy the merriments of sensual kiss and hug,
In the arms of sensational thrilling beauty
I love to see the stunning seductive beauty.
The ever seductive,smiling, alluring,my crazy nerves.
The rarest caring nurses,in the life’s war field .
Allow me to look,kiss,hug feel the beauty-curves.
Mind,body enjoying the lively, lovely,ever soothing thrilling amorous exciting touch .

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