Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 10, 2019

I’M ALWAYS BLACK~by Young Francis



(comic poem)

Hellow! Dear world
I was born black
And I’m still black
Way back in 1994
I never knew there were white people
Hey! Hey!
Now I know
Just keep reading
This is very funny
Of how some dear Africans
Try to change their skin
Try to make it white
Like a white coloured sky
I guess it did turn yellow
For a short period of time
It was never white
As intended in their pretence
It was black again
Keep reading
You’re loving it
Do you know why u love my black skin
For it is pure as the white
I comically dye my skin this morning
To a white looking skin
But guess what?
By evening time
My skin was black again
Win win win
Thomas Blake is white
And Young Francis is black
So win win
Thomas Blake has the brains
But Young Francis is strong
So win win
For no color is superior
I bet you love your natural skin
And fell free to express it
Through music
Through sports
I bet you you’re just creative
But I’ll express my skin
As you see in the poem
Have a nice day.

Copyright Young Francis.
Stay blessed for more comic poems.

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