Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 11, 2019

BEFORE I ESCAPED~by Richard Wesley

R.I.P Nipsey the GREAT This poem is for you


the scent of petricore
gets me everytime
reminiding me of times
where I
wandered lonely roads
surrounded by those
I never really known
they too wandering alone

we a collective
of objective souls
learning lessons without teachers
unable to see a future.
for our minds clouded with badminded aspirations
of making it in a scheme
not designed for any of us
to actually be free
the concrete fooled us into thinking we were

rambunctious nights
drunk and high
surrounded by fake friends
really enemies in diguise
designed to undermind
minor acheivements
they were unable to reach
envy breading jelousy
begetting voilence amongst the collective
who unknowingly were the same
trapped in such an evil game

believing we were woke
these concrete streets always watching
the collective to
isolate themselves even more
such a potent drug
so many bad choices made
searching for someone
to get me
even though I never did
the law of attraction
attracted only those who lived
exactly the way I had
knee deep in it
constant survival mode
crabs in a bucket syndrom

so many grey and rainy days
filled with stress and dismay
heartache and pain
constant thoughts
that Id never make it out of this place
filled my mind space
each and everyday
these streets
had their way with me

the scent of petricore
gets to me everytime
bringing me back to the days
it always rained
where I was lost and alone
in constant pain
unsure of my worth upon this earth
believing life to be such a curse
trapped in such a dark space
yearning sunrays
before I escaped

before I escaped

such a long winding road
one I travelled many years
carrying such a heavy load

before I escaped


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