Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 12, 2019

“ENLIGHTENMENT”~by Chandan Bhattacharya



Chandan Bhattacharya.

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I love to see colourful butterflies
So collecting some nice colourful butterflies
I put them in a glass jar,
They died after a few days.
Glow worm’s light is very dear too
They provide beautiful lighting on dark knight.
I’d collected some glow worms
And put them another glass jar.
But alas ! They also died
After some days.
I love to consume honey
So ,for the honey collection,
I used to smoke the hive.
So the bees flew away
Because of not being
Able to withstand the smoke.
Then I hit upon a plan.
I made a beautiful garden.
Now I see how many butterflies,
How many glow worm
How many bees
In the garden.
I think I live
In the stars country
The dark knight.

All rights reserved to Chandan Bhattacharya… Dhadika ,WB INDIA

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