Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 12, 2019

ICE BURNED”~by Ritesh Kr Singh




Image may contain: fire and night

Cold sun,
Dry water,
And The Wet wind;
Bidding adieu, to you.
I shall not ask,
To heat the sun,
Nor to move the water,
The wet-wind
Will not shake again
To bind you with me,
I Know,
The fire and Ice, not Converge;
If dare desire,
Lost within !
How I could be the Hamlet?
The last evening,
I was not I; but you,
In the grief of departing love,
I heard the unspoken words,
The dreams of life,
Desired from me,
But, this indigent,
Can not build, the land of Lord’s,
Bed of roses
Or the long run, with eyes in eyes .
The parting of submerged Rivers are arduous,
But have to lead to live,
All know, the Scrumptious Horizon is an illusion;
I lived and will live
In you,
Celestially ..
Then all sudden,
The ice burned and Fire said goodbye !
© Ritesh singh’s poetry

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