Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 12, 2019

Meditation~by Kati Arana Coello




– Lord, I want to follow your words and let them set my destiny.

– I want to learn to stay still and to hear my
heart beating when I close my eyes.

– To breath in all the chaos that’s caging me in
and breath out the relief of freedom.

– And to let out any tears of rage or hatred so it
can leave my body and soul completely.

– I want my mind to relax and not to be so
critical of everything (especially myself).

– And I need my heart to understand that you
can’t love without any consequences.

– To learn to be alone and not because of all the
walls I’ve build to protect my heart.

– I want to love and accept myself with all of my flaws and quirky ways.

Copyright Kati Arana Coello 💕

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