Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 12, 2019

” OUTSIDE MY HEART ” ~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” OUTSIDE MY HEART ” by martin gedge

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There hasn’t been a single day that you stood outside my heart

to face the heat from base to beat you surely were a part

and every vein from limb to brain like cupid in the dark

your arrows were like music to my soul

to understand to mark and brand the hand of hug and clutch

to hold you close was just the dose of loving you as much

I yearn to learn from every burn and turn with every touch

and slowly watch the fire engines grow

in times of lust a surely must no fuss we can agree

from “A” to “Zed” inside my head you fit me to a “T”

and if you find to be entwined like honey to a bee

I’m stuck on you like shoes on wet cement

and through the skin as sweet as sin and naked as a bear

from every room the flowers bloom to feel the country air

to say the less what suits you best we shouldn’t really care

your worth the girth and all the sweat I spent…

by martin gedge©

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