Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 13, 2019

The Trap~by rldubour



The Trap

Image result for assault in dark night parking lot

From the store right to her car

She felt a blow to her head

He beat her and he raped her

In the back seat left her dead.

The quiet type looking shy

On a mission did embark

Now every night all alone

Walks the parking lots at dark.

Way over on the other side

She makes a point to park

This is her intentions

To play the easy mark.

Now expert in the martial arts

And every single one

She could kill with just one blow

That’s exactly what she’s done!

One by one~ night after night

She returns to make things straight

Doing what she thinks is right So no one else will meet her fate.

In the dark she comes back

For justice she was sent

One thing in mind to stop attacks

Of these senseless type events.

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