Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 14, 2019

2056~by rldubour




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Fifty years from now
This is what I see.
Over population
Sex is virtual reality.

No one can reproduce
All the laws have changed.
If anyone gets pregnant
They will be rearranged.

Everyone is now forbidden
To have any physical contact.
Only one exception
Unless it’s mortal combat.

Family now is only found
In a dictionary.
No sharing sleeping quarters
As a precautionary.

That group that started
This whole mess.
They did their job
Now they can regress.

With their smug look
And sinister grin.
Through our courts
They won again.

Religion is now banned
Man is filled with doubt.
They sit and wonder why
And how this came about.

Man was way too busy
To even give a thought

Ignoring all the signs of
What this group has brought.

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