Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 14, 2019

SHAKESPEARE!!~by Young Francis



(comic poem)dedicated to Ghana and Nigeria

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Shakespeare is a famous poet
Very known around the world
But hey!!
Why should I sing his name?
To feel some souls it has inflame
Just read I’ll tell you why?
His name can shake some thoughts
Just hear my voice
I’m born a poet
To shake like William Shakespeare
Not for my country
Not for my continent
But for the shinning world
As Shakespeare made his change
Anyway! Anyway! Let me explain
This poet and where I’m from
I am from Ghana
Close to Nigeria
Where I started writing poems
So great the feel
For a world so good entertain
The grace it can embrace
Anyway I see his name a smile
At what deal? I’ll mourn
What deal? You’ll say
Other than to meet his cherished deeds
Of great literature
But shaking spears isn’t his name
Although his William Shakespeare
Many many poets have loved to be
For long after his death
They are moved to start enchanting
Of words incorporate to their beings
For many, many years
Around our structured globe
There’s no rivalry where contest fails
What good is it in war
In the writings of this poet
I love my Darling Ghana
For the way it makes me feel
I love Nigeria too
For the greater bond we share
But hey! Dear fellow!
What have you learnt?
So far from this moving poem
Don’t take Shakespeare’s name
To incorporate when you’re sad
No spears will be shaken
No bones should be broken
For spears rekindles war
To some pain we cannot endure
But not in William Shakespeare
And politics should not be damned
To heed the wise poet’s appeal
Not only Ghana
Not only Nigeria
No contention should exist
For the other strong nations
Nigerians heed my love
And make this poem a flame
As in William Shakespeare
There are greater poets today
To feel the world with loving grace
Shakespeare shakes me
Ever since I was five
His words did bear a flame
That Almighty God has felt
I’ll quickly spring my love so high
Where West African boarders ly
And if I’m good a poet to flame
Create some podium for my name.

Copyright Young Francis.God heal thee!!.Stay in love and peace!!!.

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