Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 15, 2019

Time Then and Now ~by Sin Cere



• Time Then and Now •

Have you ever felt
As if you were born ahead
of your time

Tick tock
Heart beats and knocks
those off of the Clock

Inner selfishness
relish from that
my time is now.

Ring the alarm
feet steps marching
on to another zone

As to and fro I go
in the Universe
Earth just a speCk of dust is

Such waves Crash
on the Shores
Yes, I have that kind of əye
To sea

Other pace center around
Rhythmic of each solar
push. Organic plasma
wishes across seven hertz

Water from the eleventh realm of Saturn northern water crest. Let this rest,
I’m the nova

Cosmic lord
Will thy shall
Be to thee

Cogito Ərgo Sum
to be or not to be
I think therefore I be

My Nature is
in the Crowd to not fit
I blend in

CurLy Hair such Galaxies
as Thoughts be
Doing the same thing

So mine as Shooting Stars drip
such bricks to pave the road
I walk not even Straight

The end an rise
of the sparks
of the last nine
this is all mine

Deep master apprentice
death an rise of
me Phoenix dark night
you will never see another
in this universe lore

Each crest sets
under the iron clad
claws of the last planet
pass the Destiny(xyz)

Blue moon monitor
Park vertical light shine
under each solar blast
burst offer lady queen
of the sand warriors

As waves crash
back get dragged
Grains of Sand

My own Script I Right
While my wrongs from writes
A left turn decide to take

As I take a Dive
Way past Profound
and there my self I find

Of this poetry
Picking Fractal Pieces
As a beat I put on Repeat

No I do not believe in Destiny
as that makes me think
eye has no other choice
Than to let Life be a Beach

Wait, I’m defiant drafting
a new lane. Fly overhead
to the next star gate.

Hello, my name is the
overlord of lords
unmentioned before,
The fall of my empire
Of darkness to
The rise of eternal bliss.

This is my last commandant, wide nautical
Believe that the last name
of king Aaron.

Smuggler towards a new
Dawn. Flossed with battle
Beats. New wavelength corridor halls tremble as
I fly by under the banner

Offered sanctity of sanity
brush cover. Implied influx
the first order new fall out
of the mission statement

the last of the first
to have needed to
kill off the old to the very
little-known first war
At yavin base 3bby

Have you ever felt
Like here on Earth
You do not belong

CarpƏ DiƏm
Yes our Time we seize
to split them facts off of Myths

Same as Earth its AxiS flips
Ahead of our Time
Sin Cere and I be

Please believe us do not
as you will not Feel the Same
After reading what we wrote

On this
Endless Now Moment•●~

©2019 Sin Cere
©2019 Noe Basurto

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