Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 16, 2019

GREED IS SURE TO BRING GRIEF,,~by Chandan Bhattacharya




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॥Dedicated to all civilians..poets…politicians and poetess,,

Chandan Bhattacharya.


Once there was a clay pot
Full of jam
In a grocer shop.
Suddenly it had been broken
As it was made of earthen.
….At first a bee came
Then another
Another then
Came again.
At last a swarm of bees
Reached there
And consumed the jam
With hearts content.

After having a great feast
Thy wanted to fly again.
But alas ! Their feet
Had been stricken
To the jam,s ointment.
When their all efforts
Were in vain they’re calling again.
But nobody would come
To response their calling.
At last a heavenly thought
Had come to their mind
Before dying….before dying.
They all had died
In the broken trey
But before death they
All felt sorrow……..
Why being they had all eaten
Where there many were in striven?
At that very moment
Thy foolish had given oath
Never they consume all
Deprived another.
And that was their promise
Before death.
Hence the men
The greatest civilians
And politicians
Those who are powerful
Or power less…..
And may be a poet or a poetess.
I had seen the cries
And a flood of blood
Of injured and deads
Before and after Elections……….
That shucked
By the witches.
And a seagull
Had been crying continuously
Beyond the Himalayas
Beyond the BAY OF BENGAL.
………Hence the the politicians
Despite all grievances and greeds
Stop here
Or surely you’ll be like
Those swarm of bees
Those swarm of bees.

Copyright © strictly to Chandan Bhattacharya,Nohari,Midnapore, WB…INDIA……

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