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#episode03 continues

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I am no spirit or god,I am man
Craving with wonder, doing my best
Dwelling in the life of earth and sand
But for my part of this fearful test
Has just awoken me from a smile

So I wander about holding fire
Deep in life lookin for my missing piece
That so much has outweigh my desire
For luck of mind control, for luck of peace
Because I wasted my time for a while

Now the earth is numerous about time
Tricks,control and mind exposures
Are the major deceptions of time
So much is the battle of my faith
When I laid off and slept for a while

Matchless in facts will be the long run
Greatness and much of human wisdom
Able to fight the daring deeds of man
Aimlessly and ragging like the storm
That I can feel waking for a while

Much statistics are that to be won
What ever means it’s achieved by
It all depends on God who can
Whatever it is that we all share
By not being lazy but craving for the smile…………

to be continued………

Copyright Young Francis
#episode04 next

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