Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 18, 2019

FAKE~by Nalini Starr




He fell in love online
He thought she was lovely
She was always on his mind
But now friends he no longer wants to be
She fell in love with him too
And strong feelings began to grow
She told him how she felt
But he didn’t want to know
He dropped her like a hot potato
Left her wondering why he did so
She felt hurt by his action so cruel
And she feels like such a fool
For thinking he was a good friend
But now his friendship has come to an end
And she is wondering why
He left without a fond goodbye
Why did he block her
She would like to know
She wishes he would tell her
Why he had to go
She thinks he was just playing a game
These thoughts are in her mind
She never thought
He would be so unkind
She realizes now
Fake friends can also be found online.
Who knows,maybe she would have taken a chance
And start an online romance
It would have taken some time
But now he’s no longer online
She thinks maybe it’s for the best
He turned out to be fake like all the rest.

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