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“The Easy Answer”~by Michael Graves



“The Easy Answer”

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Okay, let me get this straight.

You start with a really
really big, sterile rock
spinning in space.
It’s got smaller rocks.
It’s got water, heat
light and dark
It’s got gases surrounding it.
It’s got no life.

Then, over a very, very long time
this pile of sterile chemicals racing through space
(no dirt, because dirt requires vegetation
and it’s got no vegetation)
combines and recombines in
every possible combination of the available
light and dark.

Mind you, there is no starter mixture
like you need for a good sourdough bread
or yogurt or kefir or a nice cheese.
There’s no decaying organic matter from a forgotten
compost pile or stagnating swamp (there’s nothing to stagnate).
None of that.

And what you’re telling me, is that
over hundreds of millions of years of
sterile stuff, plus
sterile stuff, plus
sterile stuff
you get a really big rock spinning through space
covered with intelligent life – to say nothing
of a myriad of other, wildly divergent
life forms?

And you get this
with no outside interaction of any sort?

That’s like saying, ”If all you have to work with
are 1’s and 0’s and you stack them together in an
infinite array; at some point you are going to
spontaneously get a 3 or a 7 or a 9.”
Because you happen to have a 3 or a 7 or a 9
and you think you’re going to look bad
if you can’t explain how it got there.

Here’s a similar question:
If you dumped a million sterile marbles a day into
a lifeless ocean. How long would it take
for Leonardo da Vinci to
come striding forth from the waves;
to just come walking out of the ocean
…surfboard in hand?

Does it seem like there’s
something missing in this equation?
I’m not necessarily saying it’s God
and I’m not necessarily saying it’s not.
It’s just that there has
got to be something else
going on here. You
can combine all of the dead chemicals that
you want, and you’re not
going to get something that’s alive, Okay?

It’s a lazy, clueless approach.
And it disingenuously, conveniently leaves out
the fact that life
does not come from non-life.
Life comes from life.

It’s like having an F5 tornado run through a huge junkyard
of scraps, and leave behind a working airplane.

It’s an easy answer.

–Graves 6/13/15

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The photograph was taken by NASA’s Messenger spacecraft, bound for Mercury. This shot was taken at a distance of 100,000 kilometers (about 62,500 miles) from Earth during a 2005 flyby of our planet.
NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington

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