Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 19, 2019

,,AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A PROSTITUTE,,~by Chandan Bhattacharya




Chandan Bhattacharya

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If you ask me thy lecher
Why I’m a prostitute?
Why my society calls me a whore?
I feel shy to say
And also feel bore
Why so many storms
Have been blowing upon me
And why I cry.


In a cultural family
My parents have been taken care
More than twenty years.
…I’ve also two brothers and a sister
They always are in hunger.
I feel their starving breaths’
They don’t get
Even rice or bread
Throughout the
Twelve months.
….Suddenly I see
As if in my dream
Our parents have gone
Leaving us alone.
We’ve lost all hopes
Within a moment
And become a vacant place
Our hut…thy beloved hut.

After two days
We have been in striven
Having hunger we become frighten.

I can’t bear the pain
That very pain of hungers
Of my sister and brothers.
And trying to manage a job
At any terms
And any conditions.

Then someone comes ahead
And I become a maid servant.
But sorry to say
At that very night
I’ve lost my chastity.
And rappedand Rapped
Without any rest.
But I can’t protest
Or forecast
Due to several threat.
On getting that chance
They use to come my hut.
Every night..thy whole night
They enjoy…enjoy more
Locking my hut,s door.
I’m ashamed….
I become bore
But they’ve thrown money
A lot of money
Along with ornaments
Inside my door .
I’ve cried and appeal to my society
But they hate me
And in every time
They’re in anxiety.

…..From then
We are not in starvation.
Rather than my brothers and sister
Are well fed
And well educated.

But alas !
I’m aged now
I’ve invalid though…..
I’ve lived alone
With cry…a very cry
With several diseases
Before die.
My brothers are settled
Not here..but very far
My sister gets married
Neither they recall me
Nor have treated.
Hence all my civilized citizen
May I ask a question
Am I a pros
Really a scarlet woman?

….Copyright © strictly to Chandan Bhattacharya,Nohari,Dhadika,Garhbeta,West Midnapore,WB, INDIA….

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