Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 19, 2019

In the other world ~by Nutan Sarawagi

Inspired by Ron DuBour


In the other world

In my suicide I contemplated the life in me to become the love others sought in me
I was the useless wretch brought to be
in a life not fit ..misfit in me

blank me out ..give me another life
to take me to another world free of strife
where people live in others lives
To paint the sky in rainbows of life
In the dewdrops falling on misty tops

where the sun dips to welcome another day
in its love to never go come another day
in it to let birds fly free
in their home to nest and be
in the hues of life to paint
in it to be
in their colourful wings
so free
in it to dip in the ocean to feel the vast sea
in the present to dwell in the past
a life lived in life to forever last
where everyone lives never to get lost
where oceans listen to nights call
to the beat of the heart in twilights call
where the heart cries to be free
bring me that breath to breathe in me
the smells of life that fill me in a love
so soft in it to be
like the clouds in the sky flying with glee
in it to just touch and be with me
where life just beats in ecstasy
to the rhythm of life to beat in me
in that world I want to live
in it to feel my being in me
in it my heart to rest me
where no one tells me what to be
loving me as if it was me
no other to live and cry in me

where life is just fun so full of me
where it beats in one accord
to its music to sing and dance as no one
in its will fancy free
treading on no toes
tiptoeing to be the love in me
give me that world to sink and be
the floating cloud to be just me
to love and love only to become me

life in that world I want to live
where hatred lives in love to kill
where wars are not fought
where people are not bought
where the air is rare so pure and still

where people love for its own sake
where hate abates its fire to take
where fumes don’t go up in guns to break
in sounds of wars in it life to take

give me that world so pure to be
in it my life to live in me

where atoms are made to piece life
in it not dissect in bombs of life
give me with me that life to take
in loves fluid to flow and mate with life
in it’s heaven to take
in its hell it to never break

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