Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 20, 2019

” ORANGE CRUSH “~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” ORANGE CRUSH ” by martin gedge

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If a simple smile could say the words

you feel inside your heart

if your eyes were the beacons of the soul

then every sight of your porch light

like burning candles in the night

I hold you in the flicker of the glow

if the magic in the music was like symphony and song

if the fireworks could shoot right to the moon

then every beat that our eyes meet

from every high on heaven street

are like roses from the seeds of summer bloom

if you took to pen and paper writing messages of love

if you tossed it in a bottle to the sea

then every tide from ocean floor

to riding waves onto your shore

then truly girl your were surely meant for me

if you close your eyes and made a wish

in the hopes that it comes true

if you prayed to god to thank your lucky stars

then circumstance leads to a chance

of sweet hellos and soft romance

then Venus should be dancing on your Mars …

by martin gedge©

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