Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 22, 2019

ANOTHER CHANCE~by Nalini Starr




Can we start over
Give us another chance
There will be no more talk
About love and romance
We’ll become friends once more
The past will go out the door
I promise to keep things simple
I know strong feelings
You cannot handle
But my feelings i couldn’t hide
My heart was bursting inside
With love out of the blue
And I had to share it with you
Just friends we will be
No more feelings of love from me
Before I came on too strong
And you decided to move on
But this time around
If you give me another chance
I promise there will be no talk
Of love and romance
Many other things we will talk about
We’ll have deep conversations no doubt
So can we start over and forget the past
And try to make this friendship last?

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