Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 22, 2019

BE THANKFUL?~by Nalini Starr




Some will say
Be thankful
You have opened your eyes
To see another day
Another beautiful sunrise
And should be grateful and pray
Thank the Lord
For keeping you safe
During the night
And waking you up
To see the morning light
But do you think eveyone
is thankful for that?
Waking up to hunger
And poverty,filth and sickness
Never knowing happiness
War and strife
Struggles in life
Should they be grateful
For this type of life?
What about those who are victims
Of stroke and dementia
And diseases of which
There is no cure for
And the ones who are bedridden for years
Who see themselves as a burden to others
The terminally ill,the invalids
Should they be thankful for all this?
Some will say God is not ready for them
Their time has not come
But if their is a God
Why their suffering
Does he prolong?
He takes away the ones
That are healthy and young
But the ones who want to die
Their pain and suffering
Linger on
Should one be thankful
For living this way
And thank God for another painful day?
Some will wake up
Cursing another day
And even curse God too
Asking him why he’s allowing them
To suffer this way
They pray for death
They want to die
But death won’t come by
Death is busy
Taking away innocent lives
He is not ready for the ones
Who no longer want to survive
And where is God in all of this
Maybe he doesn’t exist
So should one be thankful and grateful and pray
No matter what type of life
They face each day?
And the ones who are fortunate and lucky
With a life so wonderful
i guess they should be thankful and grateful.


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