Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 22, 2019

Expanded like a flower,~by Ami Joshi



Expanded like a flower,

No photo description available.

Expanded like a flower,
With scent and beauty,
As if petals;
Fine and fragile,
Unknown to despair and woes…

Grows up like a sapling,
To reach the sky,
To be detatched from the mundane world,
For creating their own aloofed world,
To be firm and fine..

Always lissoms with the beats of the sun,
Expanses to be a wood,
To end up being a forest of hope;
As a shelter for fauna…

Years after years passed,
To grow more,
To expand more,
To give more…


To make it a pyre,
Pyre for the dead…

The Black Wood
@ Ami J
(Plant More, Live More)

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