Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 25, 2019

Sleepy Spring Rain~by Annie Johnson



Sleepy Spring Rain

Image may contain: sky, cloud, night, tree, outdoor and nature

Night has crept in under the window sill
And tossed its shadows around the room.
The moon is bashful, hiding its face
Behind the storm clouds rolling in.
There is lightning in the distance
And the rumble of distant thunder
Sounds like a heavy freight train
Plowing through the country fields.
The cat sleeping on the window sill
Bolts and hides under my bed
When a thunder clap comes close
And noisily rattles the window pane.
The wind picks up bringing rain
On the heels of blue-flashing light
Eerily outlining the black clouds
Amassing overhead to do mischief
To the spring beauty blooming
In my garden and those surrounding mine.
The rain is hitting the window panes
And the storm has passed me by
Leaving a gentle spring rain,
Just made for curling up with the cat
And sleeping to the familiar lullaby
Of the soft patter of dancing raindrops.
Come my little kitty, let’s go to sleep.

Annie Johnson©All rights reserved. This work may not be copied, parts of it used elsewhere, all parts covered by a copyright.

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