Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 26, 2019

ABOUT LOVE~by Nalini Starr




Why do we always write these love poems
love between men and women
love which claims to be real and true
love which breaks the heart in two
love which causes pain
love which makes tears fall like rain
love which makes one feel alive again
love which brings joy to the heart
love which make feelings start
love which makes one cheat on their partner
love which craves another
why do we only write about this kind of love
there are so many other loves we can write of
love of humanity
and nature in all its glory
of the moon at night
and beautiful sights
of forests of greenery
and stunning scenery
of flowers and trees
and birds and bees
things in nature that boggles the mind
so many things we can find
so many things to love out there
even love for animals we see everywhere
love is a worldwide affair
let’s fall in love with the world out there
so let’s write about the love of other things
and not only about the love and the heartache
or joy it brings.

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