Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 26, 2019

” THE FRUSTRATION BOX ” ~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” THE FRUSTRATION BOX ” by martin gedge

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Marveled in its mystery

this magic man of history

so clever to the naked human eye

where breath is in of order

with two arms to wrap the shoulder

and your life is on border do or die

where seconds lead to minutes

once the body knows it’s in it

and your upside down just hanging by the feet

the heart still keeps on ticking

to the sounds of something clicking

the moment that fear begins to beat

and in the chill of silence

the strength and will defiance

to keep in mind this calculated guess

so calm and persevering

to the voices that your hearing

with every single button that you press

and from every brace and bracket

to the tightness of the jacket

the body in itself will turn and twitch

and the shaking of a bottle

with you firmly on the throttle

you pry through every single little stitch

and through the looking glass

as to much to save your ass

to every key that’s twisting on the locks

like a fish right out of water

all the fidget and the bother

is worth all the frustration in the box…

by martin gedge ©

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