Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 28, 2019

MY POETIC POT”~by ‎Timothy Payton‎




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Allow me to spark up my mental oven,
within myself of ingredients that brew,
Grab my pen, so to stir up my views,
Go to my mental cabinet, got some things to use;

Add some emotion, a dash of hope,
A abundance of love, a splash of cope,
A bit of self, with alot of thoughts,
Put yourself into this, watch it froth;

Use your reflection, as your bowl,
Pour it though the strainer of your soul,
Let the air of enlightenment, cool it down,
For this seed to be planted in the mental grounds;

So many great portions come from this,
It’s helped me cook up such beautiful bliss,
From my humble pie, to enlightened stew,
I’m so happy you all love what I make for you!!!

All from my poetic pot.

written by Timothy Payton

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